Do not follow your body's wishes too often, since you just know the best for your body


Feels like a dejavu since, seribu pahlawan push ups challenge on early January 2019


I just finished my last day for goal 1000 push ups in a day (which I've been doing it in a week).

Also i have done the others week with 100, 200, 400, and 800 (failed in my 2 days of 800)

Time flies so fast, I still can believe it. The challenge which is starting from 1st April seems still beyond my mind.

But I do must believe now, its because I already arrived in the middle of the road appointed to 2020 push ups as final round. I don’t agree if you said this was an impossible mission / challenge to achieve since you just talk and never prove or just even a glance to try it.

But believe me, this is not an easy task, it is not. In additional this is a hard task. A really hard task.

A serious task!

I won't able to get into this day.. if i just think with my mind and never try it. I know your body will reject it and scream aloud at your mind's ear : " NOOOOOOO, pleaseeeee!!!"

But Hey dude, our body cannot think. It has no brain (yes of course) so this is the time to make changes to your body and make your whole body understand. You just don’t get it do you?

Today, my new challenge is begun. 1100 push ups in a whole week.. and next will be 1200, 1400, 1800 by each week. The last week will be 2020 push ups in a day.

Can you imagine that? You just need to tell to your body and coordinate it with well. But never tell to your body that it was an insane thing, because your body has no brain (yes, of course).

I'm happy to do this challenge and I will celebrate it with my body after I've done it by giving my body 3 days' rest from the workout hehehe...

Never said that you are insane with this challenge, just said that :


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