Like its the keyword


Im sorry if i have to make a story here.

This morning iim looking for a strategy which make me feel doing this, its a no big deal.
I mean, its just a 100 push up?
(Compare to a thousand i will need to deal with in the next month >< ).
Im trying to learn how this deal is gonna work.
Im trying to make my body like this kind of work out.
Cause my understanding if my body like this than my body will try to figure how to dazzle these push ups into a magnificent beyond mind's limit.
Let me telling you how i make it happened this morning.

10 push ups hand wide
5 triangle push ups
10 push up hand wide
then rest 1.30 min

2nd and 3rd its the repetition!
But i can't say this word, in the same tone like the first one above.
I mean...
The second and the third is moreeeeeee tougher...
(and i meant it!)
Im trying to give applause and spirit my body, so my body and move along with the sound of the music inside my head... du didu du didu..da dida dida da .to continue with the last part.. the ending should be happy and nicely.
I want it.

10 hand ups wide hand (one leg)
5 triangle push ups
10 hand ups wide hand (one leg)

In my last 10 push ups, my body is shaking...
That the signing mybody is beginning to like.


I begin to give it *underlined and bolded*
(Just like heart begin to recognize what like is)

Maybe that why *like is
a word with a very not specified to be explained with others words...
Just feel and breeze it while you can :)

But anyway, i have done my challenge!

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