Achievement : 2020 push ups

Its hard to say that it was easy, cause its not. It really need your discipline and try to make your body understand about the progress. In day 1-7, you only need doing 100 push ups a day. people might think its a really challenging. Actually that thought is come up because we never really spend our time or try to do it. We just see numbers and think : "a hundred is a big number, i usually only do 15- 20 a day". This is how your mind trying to manipulate your thoughts by spoiling your body and do what your body wanna do. And (believe me) its a YES, its hurt your own body ( especially you will feel it on your stomach and your chest/biceps/triceps/shoulder ). and luckily i'm not one of the type whose spoil my body. i continue to make my progression , until now day of 47 (17 may) im doing my 1200 push ups a day. Still asking myself , am i really have done these and got into this scene so far? ( read : almost unbelievable for what i have achieved ).

A little story in the middle of my journey, my friend said about the optimization doing push ups should be ONE to GO , meaning that if you want to make a good results, if you have targeted 100 push ups, then you have to make it a hundred in a short time. If10 push ups in every set then you will do in 10 sets with a flash rest time (30 - 90 secs). The longer you have your rest time, you will make not optimal in challenging your body. So this new thing to me, a ONE to GO's concept had been learned by my body. I'm still doing it which it helps me to pass the numbers of push ups which increase every week until now.

i believe that if you only think about the numbers without any effort to try to do it, or even your mind try to think to do it, then you will have the thought that 100 push ups a day is a remarkable thing in your whole life...

till you make a next step.

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