they see what we can't, they hear what we aren't


There were so many things to see and learn from this webinar today ( 23 Oct 2020). I can see so many things from many different perspektif view which i can't write through words. Only my mind and my senses can tell the story in series. They have all their life experiences was shared , was spoken through gestures, sign languange and they really have these powerfull magnet to grab our attention more. To go into their realm and got a true and a real situation, which is beyond our knowledges and insights. The more we hear and we try to re-draw their scratches into a solid line, the more we are slight to understand that their world were kinda a sip of magic and they have the bravery heart of all.

the braveriest person which they know how to turn their weakness into strenght. Which is they want to help others, they re-create the opportunity by build up a new media and some ways to make them can see what we can see, and senses what we can hear. THis is really irrational, but rational. This is so much unbelievable, but just believe it. There are so many characters, i can tell that i can feel and taste by today.

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