"Revealing Environmental Layers in Response to Contextual Phenomena"


Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia & VibiBuzz ARCHITECTURE & SCARCITY Final Project 2020 Webinar by the Class of 2016 [#02]: Architecture and Scarcity: Revealing Environmental Layers in Response to Contextual Phenomena How much clean water is available to drink? How polluted is the air that we breathe? How much plastic do we throw away without any respect for the environment? Are we aware that big cities are poisoning planet on which we live? In response to the current environmental awareness, this session will focus on unveiling our everyday life in relation to environmental issues, such as: water, air, and the excessive use of plastic. Date, time: Tuesday, 20 October 2020 19.00 - 21.00 WIB Speakers: 1. Adjeng Sekar Langit (Water wise: Architecture as Living Machine Against Water and Land Scarcity) 2. Amani Tedjowongso (The Corridor of Truth: Reconstructing The Reality of Pollution) 3. Ruth Kartika Purnasasmita (Mad Mayestik: Reminiscing the Unstable) Reviewer: Ir. Avianti Armand (Writer, architect, curator) Moderator Dr. Ir. Hendrajaya Isnaeni, M.Sc. (Lecturer of Final Project Studio 2020, Department of Architecture UI) Register through: Vibi.buzz Contact: vibibuzz.com/contact-us

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