Every second every day in our life we think. Thinking comes and goes while another thought comes in and go repeatedly continuously within our intelligent brain. It would probably stop when we are asleep. "cogito, ergo sum" or I think therefore I am, in Latin, a statement wrote by René Decartes when he explained it as "we cannot doubt of our existence while we doubt....".

Thinking has been always fascinating because it frequently activates automatically as soon as we wake up from our deep sleep. But what is 'thought'? Why do we do thinking of what we think which comes into or out from our brain? And we never ask 'from where thinking originated".

Critical thinking: A door to freedom.

In my classes, I encourage my students to ask a question during discussions. Generally, there are few students who would raise their hand. About 10 to 25% of the students would ask questions and the 75% are either lazy or can't make a question or are in silence just to be in a safe position. The 25% varies in giving common inquiries, sharp or critical questions. Here, I differentiate sharply from critical. While both are valued, critical questions are the most valued one. When one makes a question, he/she would have to think about what are questionable issues and how to construct a question. The critical question is beyond being just sharp because it relies on the person critical thinking.

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  • gin83

    • 2 years ago
    Pemikiran biasanya datang secara tiba tiba, kadang hal hal sepele bisa menjadi penting jika kita mau kaji seberapa sepele kah hal tersebut di mata kita, tapi bukan sepele di kacamata yang lain.

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