This time is One Zero Zero only


Comfort zone is what we always looking for, isn't it?
Practically yes.
Our body is get the direct speech from our mind to make it so.
But, in the wisdom from the healthy's book it said the reverse.
You want to get healthy, then don't make yourself comfort.

Ex : you're sleeping and being lazy in your bedroom for a whole day...that's comfort.
I think its too comfort. Alot too comfort.
But healthy its to teach and educate our mind that being healthy is need to have more efforts and bravely to accept hurt beyond your mind might telling you that's this is the limit.

Who? Your mind , right?
Our mind not have the compability to feel hurt. Its only can give orders and to tell you what to do.
Its because our mind never been in love with :)
That's why it never want to feel hurt.

But our body?
It different. It knows what it needs and what we capable with.

So, one zero zero is done for my body on this lovely bravery morning with little sweating.
I've done my 4 times 25 of my moderate push ups. With 5-7 min rest.

Actually im trying to make it 2-3 min rest...
I think its really no need in hurry to make my body feel the sensation. Still its only the matter of time.

So it is,
I've done my challenge in my 6th day.

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