Between a fulltime mother & a practitioner


Life's situation changed everytime. Architecture will always be my passion.

I love every steps in Architecture consultation process. I love to hear how my client's hope & perspective about his/their future property. I love to create building from scratch, i love to develope a design which require necessary modification. I love the discussion process between other related field's person in charge in order to make the design work properly. I love the process in picking up the finishing material for the building's skin. I love to see a satisfaction smile on our client's face after they see the final result. I love everything about Architecture.

In the mean time i am about to meet my household's newcomer. My first child. A daughter.

Suddenly many images pop out in my mind, about how am i gonna teach her with. I have been busy with my work since 3 years. I haven't got the time to build a necessary wisdom in myself to deal with children properly. I dont have any idea about what am i gonna teach them with. Which is consider to be a basic thing and which aren't. How to deal their problem. How to build their character to be the best human being.

As a new parents I know only a few if it doesn't stated as nothing.

On my current situation i only have little time to gain knowledge about how to raise a child. It was an uneasy choice but sooner or later i will have to choose one on top of another in order to get a 100% result. Cause in a quite short period she will grow older & get the ability to receive & digest any information that came to her directly nor indirectly. And finally i made my own decision. I chose to spend most of my time learning all the necessary things i need to know. Which in that stage i was require to put everything else at the bottom line.

Im not saying that mothers who are dividing their time ideally between profesionalism & family are less better than me. In fact i might throw my respect at them.

Once again, Its just a matter of preference. And this is my decision.

....see you on the next article....

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